We are a marketing and technology company specialized in strategy, interaction design, engineering and digital commerce.


Driving positive effective change by taking advantage of opportunities created by social networks, mobile and cloud.

We work with market leaders and challengers pursuing growth by applying novel and adaptive thinking to the most ambitious business scenarios. Innovation stays at the core of our processes as we combine cutting edge technologies with a trans-disciplinary know-how to discover the best solutions for our customers.

Every single day we build eCommerce solutions, integrate corporate infrastructures, design user interfaces, shoot beautiful pictures, dominate the search engines and social networks, create and manage relationships with top influencers, write compelling and persuasive content, innovate digital and physical products that improve people’s everyday lives.


Innovate and create value but have fun in the process

We seek to solve critical problems in core industries by infusing innovation and spinning-off startups, with in-house resources, in a sustainable way.

Our solid foundation provides a cost-effective and low-risk platform for building innovative solutions to problems that our customers didn’t even found yet.

All of this, while learning and having fun all the way. This is who we are and what we do, in an always-on world that rushes faster and faster every day.


Our values are both our identity and our promise

  • Growth & Learning

    Our employees face and embrace challenges and they are always set to grow themselves, the team and the company. We learn every day and we pursue the top growth opportunities in the field, both professionally and personally.
  • Trans Disciplinarity

    Literacy in and ability to understand concepts across multiple disciplines. We deeply understand our customers’ industry, their reality and we act as professionals in that field.
  • Novel & Adaptive Thinking

    We can adapt our approach based on the context because we are proficient at thinking and coming up with solutions and responses beyond that which is rote or rule-based.
  • Integrity

    Our people are the best. They are honest and they have strong moral principles. We are driven by our customers’ success.
  • Innovate Fast

    We focus on fast solution discovery. Figuring out what works means we have to go through a lot of ideas and projects. We optimize time and resources, focusing on the right innovative solution on the given context for our client.
  • Drive evolution through change

    The only thing that happens for sure on our customers’ businesses is Change. We embrace and manage change to drive evolution.


We take great pride in our team and we strive to empower them.

Head of Design

Alex Head of Design

Innovation Manager

Alexander Innovation Manager

Web Developer

Alexandra Web Developer

SEO Specialist

Alexandra SEO Specialist

Delivery Manager

Alina Delivery Manager

Human Resources Officer

Anca Human Resources Officer

Online Copywriter

Bianca Online Copywriter

Web Analyst

Caliopi Web Analyst

Project Manager

Carmen Project Manager

Web Developer

Catalin Web Developer

Web Developer

Cosmin Web Developer

System administrator

Costin System administrator

Graphic Designer

Cristina Graphic Designer

Web Developer

Daniel Web Developer

Engineering Manager

Elif Engineering Manager

Web Developer

Florin Web Developer

Web Developer

Florin Web Developer

Graphic Designer

Gabi Graphic Designer

Junior Project Manager

Georgiana Junior Project Manager

Project Manager

Ioana Project Manager

Web Developer

Ionut Web Developer

Web Developer

Iuliana Web Developer

Project Manager

Lidia Project Manager

Head of Copywriting

Madalina Head of Copywriting

Technical Team Leader

Marius Technical Team Leader

Web Developer

Mirel Web Developer

Web Developer

Melania Web Developer

Financial Manager

Monica Financial Manager


Mihai CEO

Web Developer

Nicoleta Web Developer

Human Resources Manager

Oana Human Resources Manager

Junior Accountant

Raluca Junior Accountant

Online Performance Manager

Sorin Online Performance Manager

Junior Web Developer

Tiberiu Junior Web Developer

Web Developer

Violin Web Developer

Junior Customer Success Specialist

Yana Junior Customer Success Specialist