AR Filters
The next evolution of social engagement:

Digital Experience
and Content Creation

Instagram filters are an opportunity to express yourself, facilitate photos your followers will love and take your Insta game to the next level.

Butterflies Sephora try filter

Get your eyebrows ready for their queen

Imagine a filter that makes your eyebrows as royal and glamorous as they should be, placing them under the spotlight. This filters were created to promote Anastasia Beverly Hills’s new products.

7 days insights
  • Impressions1,300,024
  • Captures22,254
  • Shares13,292
Festival makeup try filter

Promoting the biggest music festival from SE Europe using IG filters

The primary goal was to increase engagement within the target audience on Instagram, as well as drive website traffic and conversions. The second goal was to create and raise awareness of Neversea Festival as a beacon of energy and celebration.

7 days insights
  • Impressions1,800,503
  • Captures9,503
  • Shares2,140
Fake smile try filter

Raise awareness for the new album (Deliric & Silent Strike) using IG filters

The filter was created as a fun project but it was very fast adopted by Deliric's fans. They used the filter to promote the new song message and to show their love for their favorite artist. Also, Deliric created the first music video from Romania, using an IG AR filter.

7 days insights
  • Impressions1,800,105
  • Captures92,250
  • Shares13,699