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Offline is the new online

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AFI Cotroceni has been inaugurated in October 2009 and is the largest and most dominant shopping mall in Romania. The project offers 2,500 parking places and a variety of over 350 shops from the leading local and international brands, including the biggest Peek & Cloppenburg shop in Romania and the biggest Zara in Europe after Spain.


ServicesStrategy, Engineering, Interaction Design

Tech stackWordpress, Laravel, Ionic, Angular.js, ProductLead


Offline is the new online

Today there is a high pressure in retail due to the disruptive trends in how people buy. While people are not visiting the malls as often as they did, the sales conversions, in general, show that the customer’s intent to buy is higher.

This insight alone shows us that a mall visitor has greater sales potential than ever before.

Our challenge was to harness the power of digital and provide the right tools for the mall to set a foundation for retail integration.


Enterprise comes with its perks, but also with sweat

Working with such an organization is challenging first from a communication point of view. Understanding the stakeholders objectives, finding a common ground and building upon these its not as easy as it might look.

Many sketches, a lot of code, endless iterations and focus group discussions, requirements alignment workshops and countless decisions. The end result is more rewarding when it's backed by all these.


Understand the trends and build your future

When the customer is well aware of the retail landscape and the upcoming growth pillars, it's fairly easy to find a common ground. A shopping mall needs to evolve into an experience community center both offline and online in order to thrive and this is a major challenge. We are always ready to embrace such a big retail challenge and provide our best solution for it.

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