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The courage to experiment and set trends

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Tudor. Personal Tailor is a fashion label dedicated to men, of British inspiration and Italian craftsmanship. A custom made concept reinvented in a perfect synchronization of the English tailoring along with a dynamic bond to the everyday customer’s needs.

ClientTudor. Personal Tailor

ServicesStrategy, Soft rebranding, Digital commerce, Engineering, Mobile App Development

Tech stackMagento, Wordpress, Ionic, Zoho, ProductLead



Stay ahead of the competition and act as the facto market leader.

Improve market performance and market share in a very narrow target market of made-to-measure with an increased competition from international and local brands. Educate and attract first time buyers while better serving the existing loyal customers.


Being the market leader takes a lot of effort and moreover a lot of courage.

What we found out after 12 campaigns, 952 development hours, a CRM integration, a cool blog, a wit mobile app and 1200 suits sold: Tudor Tailor men don't dress for success and they don't dress to impress. They are already successful. They are self-reliant.

They dress to intrigue, to provoke, to move the story forward.

Just search for SS2017 Step Forward campaign and spot the different angle of communicating made-to-measure.


What should I wear?

Extend the brand with a useful mobile companion suggesting looks based on weather, your mood, social profile color scheme and wearing occasion. That was really fun to build.
A hybrid mobile app fully integrated with the Magento ecommerce website.

As bold as it gets

A group of British scientists discovered that women dating men wearing Tudor Tailor get some more.

Get a brand out of its comfort zone and experiment. In a cluttered market where every player is using the same communication paradigm, Tudor was courageous enough to try our crazy ideas. And it worked. Standing out sometimes means to go against the flow.


Being a market leader requires courage to experiment and set trends

That's why we love working with Tudor Tailor. Because in the end authenticity will always win out and working with a business that craves to build authentic and engaging experiences for its customers is also paramount for our success as a marketing services provider.

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