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Back-up a social signature with ecommerce infrastructure

Nappo Shoes - Evonomix

INFSD, flavor infused swimsuits, is a premium swimwear brand that focuses on high quality printed swimwear, featuring fashion forward designs and prints that are specially crafted to flatter your body lines. A brand created by a team of brilliant influencers that created the #infusedgirls social signature.


ServicesStrategy, Branding, Digital commerce

Tech stackWordpress, Woocommerce, ProductLead


Back-up a social signature with ecommerce infrastructure

Influencers thrive. They get creative. They have ideas. They want to sell stuff. Separate the true wolves from the pack.

All influencers dream of building a brand. Our challenge was to provide the technical and strategical foundation on which two talented influencers could build the next iconic brand.


We provided the infrastructure. They provided the passion.

We've completely rebuilt the user experience and the technical infrastructure. This is an entry-level ecommerce project with fast time to market, providing the business with an efficient way to test the market response.


Not iconic. Yet!

Working with @alinaceusan and @grebenisancarmen was fun. The raw passion they've put into this brand is bringing true energy to the table and this fires up creativity. Very young people managing sourcing, production, marketing and distribution of a physical product. Hard work behind the scenes. This is how iconic brands start.

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