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A beauty expert needs to be clear but sophisticated

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Xpert Beauty is the most comprehensive store with professional cosmetics in Romania, a retail network with shops for hair, skin, body care, hand care, nails, make-up products that belong to well-known international brands. The Worry Free Zone concept reveals a space where you can rediscover how fun and easy it is to shop and to have a pleasant and memorable experience.

ClientXpert Beauty

ServicesStrategy, Branding, Digital commerce

Tech stackMagento, Wordpress, Ionic, ProductLead, Amazon S3, PIMS, SAP



A beauty expert needs to be clear but sophisticated

Grow the digital channel in parallel with the retail network growth. Build the ecommerce channel and make it a valuable tool in the overall business strategy. Pionner omnichannel retail.


Enterprise ecommerce. Nurturing

A thorough and multi-disciplinary technical approach, successfully delivered by our engineering team. Again, the team integrated an enterprise level technology stack, with numerous technical challenges that required continuous integration and communication with the customer's team.

We are now working closely with the customer's team to drive online sales.


Beginnings are not for the faint-hearted

Xpert Beauty is one of our boldest customers and they questioned the status quo in the beauty retail. 7 stores across the country in major cities and an ecommmerce channel in just 3 months. Quickly ramping up such a network requires building a strong relationship. Every beginning is hard but investing in this relationship always pays off.

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